Our offer

Tools / methods:

Solid Works (3D Cad system)

Solid Edge (3D Cad system)

Enovia/Matrix (PLM system)

SolidWorks Enterprice PDM

Matrix (PLM system)

Agile (PLM system)

PROMS (PLM system)

Movex (MPS system)

Ironcad (3D Cad system)

I-DEAS (3D Cad system)

ME-10 (2D Cad system)

Auto Cad (2D Cad system)


We are a consultant company within Mechanical Design, PDM/PLM system and integration to CAD systems, Production Development and Product Maintenance.

We have several years experience of developing highly advanced medical device products such as neurological instruments, neurolocical stereotactic surgery equipments, X-ray system etc.

We have several years experience of developing Telecom products such as Repeaters and similar products.

We also provide services in developing company structure and systems within R&D and Production departments.


Mechanical Design

Medical Device Development


PLM/PDM system requirements and implementation skills

Matrix/Enovia PLM system

Configuration Management

PLM/CAD integration

Solid Works

Solid Works Enterprise PDM

Solid Edge

Product Maintenance

Production Development

Production Engineering


Long and substantial production experience.